24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (2024)

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By Victoria Arnold

Last updated: December 1, 2021

If you’re someone who appreciates a co*cktail bar as much as a coffee bar, you need a few coffee co*cktail recipes up your sleeve. Fortunately, we’ve got quite a few to share!

You might be wondering what the point of a coffee co*cktail is. After all, coffee is already the ideal drink, and there’s no point in fixing what isn’t broken, right?

Sure, coffee definitely tastes great black or with popular add-ins like milk or sugar, but a splash of alcohol — usually tequila, whiskey, or rum — takes the already-enjoyable beverage to the next level. Whether you’re drinking alone or entertaining guests, you won’t regret turning your go-to morning beverage into a savory evening delight.

The Top 24 Coffee co*cktail Recipes


24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (2)

Spanish Coffee co*cktail

Give your classic cup of coffee a grown-up twist and whip up this delicious Spanish coffee co*cktail. This recipe is our very own, and it uses rum, triple sec, and Kahlua (or another coffee liqueur of your choice!) to turn your average joe into a sweet, boozy treat!


24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (3)

Espresso Martini co*cktail

Perhaps you’re already a fan of the uber-classy martini, or maybe you just like sipping your beverage out of those cool glasses...either way, you’re going to appreciate the caffeinated co*cktail goodness that is our espresso martini! Pull out this recipe, espresso maker, and your co*cktail shaker the next time you’re entertaining someone you want to impress; they’ll be impressed for sure!


24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (4)

Homemade Kahlua

Photo Credit:veganinthefreezer.com

Now, many of the co*cktail recipes on this list and beyond require the use of Kahlua coffee liqueur. But what do you do if you’re dying for a co*cktail and don’t have any on hand? Why, you make your own, of course!


24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (5)

Slow Cooker Chocolate Irish Cream Coffee

Photo Credit:veganinthefreezer.com

If curling up in front of the fireplace with a mug full of warm coffee goodness is your idea of a perfect evening, we think you should meet the Irish cream coffee co*cktail; you two will get along for sure. This drink, made with strong coffee or espresso, coconut sugar, chocolate syrup, and Irish cream liqueur, is so sweet and creamy, you won’t want to drink anything else...just don’t forget to enjoy this treat responsibly!

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24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (6)

Boozy Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte

Photo Credit:chelseapeachtree.com

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the autumnal equinox that signals the end of summer; it’s the return of the pumpkin spice latte! This recipe uses Bailey’s Almande to give your classic PSL some extra oomph, and it’s vegan, too...just make sure you’re the legal drinking age or older before you give it a try.


24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (7)

Homemade Irish Coffee Recipe

Photo Credit:savingdollarsandsense.com

Need a perfect St. Patty’s Day co*cktail? This Irish coffee recipe could be it! All you need is your handy-dandy Keurig brewer and a dark roast K-Cup, brown sugar, whiskey, and heavy whipping cream, and you can quickly make cup after cup of this strong, creamy co*cktail.


24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (8)

Spiked Mocha Cappuccino

Photo Credit:kellystilwell.com

One of the things we love most about the cappuccino is that its simple recipe leaves plenty of room for add-ins, like cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate syrup, or...booze! That’s why this spiked mocha cappuccino works.


24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (9)

Mandarin Chocolate Martini Recipe

Photo Credit:www.savoringthegood.com

Believe it or not, chocolate and orange are a dynamic duo. Drinks like the zesty orange mocha frappuccino (thanks, Zoolander) and this mandarin chocolate martini are the proof. Don’t believe how well this pairing works? That’s fair....but before you make a judgment, use this recipe to make this chocolate and citrus co*cktail. Then, get back to us; we bet you’ll change your mind.


24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (10)

Salted Caramel Coffee co*cktail

Photo Credit:amandascookin.com

Round out a long, cold day with a warm salted caramel coffee co*cktail. Salted caramel Kahlua complements your favorite hot-brewed coffee perfectly, and a dollop of whipped cream sweetens the deal. Sounds delicious, right?


24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (11)

The Raven Coffee co*cktail

Photo Credit:amandascookin.com

With a name like “The Raven,” you might think this coffee co*cktail is the perfect way to celebrate spooky season...and you’d be correct! Kahlua coffee liqueur, vanilla vodka, and your choice of pumpkin spice vodka or cinnamon whiskey make up this strong and dark drink. Feel free to sip it while watching horror films or while staring out the window dramatically on an ominous, stormy evening — whichever works best for you.


24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (12)

Chocolate Colorado Bulldog Recipe

Photo Credit:www.swiftfit.net

If you’ve never tried the Colorado Bulldog, today is as good a day as any to change that. But don’t just make the classic version; try Swift Wellness’s chocolate variation! You might not think vodka, Kahlua, chocolate milk, Dr. Pepper, and coffee beans should go together, but once they all come together in your glass, you might be singing a different tune.


24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (13)

Southern White Chocolate Chata Cafe

Photo Credit:redneckrhapsody.com

Redneck Rhapsody’s Southern White Chocolate Chata creation is described as being perfect for someone who needs an extra hit of caffeine before heading out the door but isn’t the designated driver of the evening, and we couldn’t agree more. Use white chocolate coffee liqueur, rum chata, hazelnut liqueur, and brewed coffee to put a little pep in your step.


24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (14)

Frosty Holiday co*cktail

The mark of any good holiday party is, of course, a great signature co*cktail! And thanks to our recipe, you won’t have to do much searching to find the perfect drink to serve your guests. You and every partygoer will love this combination of vanilla vodka, Irish cream liqueur, and coffee ice cubes — give it a try!


24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (15)

Irish Coffee Milkshake Shooters

Photo Credit:culinaryginger.com

An Irish coffee milkshake shooter is just like enjoying a sweet dessert in a cup...but with a much-needed grown-up twist. All you need to make these delicious shooters is heavy whipping cream, Bailey’s Irish cream, coffee ice cream, and dark chocolate — pop a chocolate cookie straw into the glass for garnish if you’re feeling fancy.

24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (16)

Pumpkin White Russian

Photo Credit:carefreemermaid.com

Summer’s ending and autumn is on the horizon, which can only mean one thing: it’s time to pull out the pumpkin-inspired co*cktails! They’re the perfect way to usher in the new season, and this pumpkin white Russian from the Carefree Mermaid travel and food blog is no exception. It’s creamy, sweet, and strong, and not to mention good ‘til the last drop.


24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (17)

Dirty Horchata co*cktail

If you’re already a fan of Mexican culinary culture, rice-based horchata is no stranger to you. It’s creamy and delicious, and if you’ve ever tried it before, you’re probably thinking it can’t get any better. But, Roasty reader, that’s because you haven’t had the drink with splashes of coffee and Kahlua. The dirty horchata co*cktail elevates this traditional beverage to the next level, and our recipe tells you exactly how to make it!


24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (18)

Cookies and Cream Espresso co*cktail

Photo Credit:thestressfreechristmas.com

Sure, Santa likes the classic cookies and milk combo, but we’re willing to bet if you leave him something a little stronger, you’ll be on the nice list for life. When the holiday season rolls around, whip up a cookies and cream espresso co*cktail; pour this in your glass, and you’ll be ready for every holiday festivity, from watching holiday movies on the couch with the family to, say, setting out gifts on Christmas Eve.


24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (19)

Frangelico Espresso Martini co*cktail

Photo Credit:creatorsofcoffee.com

Any serious coffee co*cktail connoisseur knows just how good the classic espresso martini is. Luckily for you, there’s no need to head down to your local bar to enjoy one; this Creators of Coffee recipe tells you exactly how to make one in your kitchen! This isn’t your average espresso martini, though. This one has hazelnut liqueur, chocolate liqueur, and egg white — three simple ingredients that make it extra special; you’ll love it for sure!


24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (20)

"Tipsy" Peppermint Mocha co*cktail

Photo Credit:thesoccermomblog.com

‘Tis the season to get tipsy, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la! Or whatever the song says...anyway, it’d be a shame to welcome the holiday season with an empty cup, but thanks to this peppermint mocha co*cktail, you won’t have to! Before you check out the recipe here, stock up on enough Kahlua mint mocha liqueur, vodka, heavy cream, chocolate syrup, and candy canes for you to enjoy this drink all December long!


24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (21)

Salted Caramel Espresso Martini

Photo Credit:theshortordercook.com

This coffee co*cktail is for those of us who want the strength and rich flavor of an espresso martini, plus a bit of extra sweetness. Pull out your favorite espresso beans and your old reliable brewer, Kahlua, vodka, caramel syrup, and a co*cktail shaker.


24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (22)

Dalgona Coffee co*cktail

Photo Credit:savoredsips.com

If you were on any social media platform in early 2020, you probably remember how quickly Dalgona coffee took the internet by storm. The fun whipped coffee drink proved to be a fun addition to your morning routine, and thanks to this booze-infused recipe from Savored Sips, you can enjoy the creamy coffee after dark, too!


24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (23)

Rich & Strong Espresso Martini

Photo Credit:savoredsips.com

The other espresso martini recipes on this round-up are great for those who want to put a twist on this co*cktail, but if you tend to be more traditional, Savored Sips’s classic recipe is right up your alley. It’s got all the strength you expect from espresso, plus a bit of edge, thanks to vodka — simply delicious!


24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (24)

Bailey's Iced Coffee with Ice Cream

Photo Credit:www.marathonsandmotivation.com

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! We’re not just talking about your typical “two scoops in a waffle cone” combo, either. This combination is the whole shebang — pistachio ice cream, cold brew coffee, sweet cream, and a splash of Bailey’s — and it’s the perfect way for any adult of legal drinking age to beat the heat!


24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (25)

White Russian

Photo Credit:creatorsofcoffee.com

The white Russian is a pretty popular co*cktail, well-loved by many. If you’ve never tried one, we highly recommend you do so as soon as possible. Don’t feel like making a trip to the local bar? No problem; it’s ridiculously easy to make one of these drinks at home, and this Creators of Coffee recipe tells you exactly how to get it done.

In Conclusion

Not only can you get that kick of caffeine in the morning to get you started on your day, but now you can enjoy a delicious coffee drink in the evenings to kick back and relax too! If you love the taste of coffee and alcohol together then any of these recipes will create a savory sip for you to enjoy!

Happy caffeinating!

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24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (26)
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24 Boozy & Delicious Coffee co*cktail Recipes For 2024 (2024)


What are the most famous coffee co*cktails? ›

The Espresso Martini and Irish Coffee are certainly two of the most well-known coffee co*cktails in the world, and you'll find plenty of riffs on them below.

What's the best liquor to put in coffee? ›

Irish whiskey is the classic choice for Irish Coffee, but any member of the whiskey family pairs well with an espresso-based coffee drink. Try cinnamon whiskey for a spiced-up option or maple whiskey for a seasonal note.

What is the name of the boozy coffee drink? ›

Carajillo (Spiked Coffee Drink)

Must-try recipe for Carajillo, a Spanish coffee drink made with a little booze. All you need is espresso (or very strong coffee) and liquor like rum or brandy! Drink it as is, or add some sugar to sweeten it up.

How much Kahlúa do you put in coffee? ›

  1. 1 part Kahlúa. 2 parts Coffee.
  2. 30 ml Kahlúa. 60 ml Coffee.
  3. 1 oz Kahlúa. 2 oz Coffee.

What is the most popular coffee with alcohol? ›

Irish coffee is the most famous, enhancing the drink simply with brown sugar and heavy cream. For a complex bourbon, Kentucky coffee is a great choice. It uses honey liqueur to soften and sweeten the drink, though regular honey works well, too.

What is the most requested co*cktail? ›

1. Margarita. The classic Margarita co*cktail has been one of the most popular co*cktails in America for years and still remains on top.

What's the difference between Baileys and Kahlua? ›

Baileys and Kahlua both complement a freshly brewed cup of coffee, but there are distinct differences between the two liqueurs. Baileys is creamy and derives its taste from cream, cocoa, and Irish Whiskey. Kahlua is dark without the creaminess of Baileys and is made with 100 percent arabica coffee, rum, and sugar.

What liquor do Italians add to coffee? ›

Caffè corretto (Italian: [kafˈfɛ kkorˈrɛtto]) is an Italian caffeinated alcoholic drink, consisting of a shot of espresso with a small amount of liquor, usually grappa, and sometimes sambuca or brandy. It is also known (outside Italy) as an espresso corretto.

Is RumChata good in coffee? ›

The perfect brunch beverage: RumChata Iced Coffee. 3 parts Iced Coffee + 1 part RumChata. Combine ingredients over plenty of ice in a tall glass and enjoy!

What alcohol mixes well with coffee? ›

Whiskey, brandy, rum, and other dark liquors are favorites. They are versatile and easy to use in coffee co*cktail recipes. And if you've got more of a sweet tooth, you can not miss mixing coffee with Irish cream, amaretto, and other flavored liquors to make varied and tasty coffee co*cktails.

What is coffee with Kahlua called? ›

Kahlua coffee is hot coffee spiked with a shot of Kahlua liqueur. You can add a drizzle of cream if you like, or top it with whipped cream if you're serving after a meal. Serve it as a brunch drink as an alternative to the mimosa or Bloody Mary, or it's perfect as a dessert drink for a sweet ending to a meal.

What is the name of the co*cktail made from coffee liquor and vodka? ›

There is not much to the black Russian recipe, and it's one of those incredibly easy drinks that anyone can mix up pretty quickly. You will simply pour your favorite vodka and coffee liqueur (typically Kahlúa) over ice, stir, and serve.

Should I put Baileys or Kahlua in coffee? ›

It's lovely to serve baileys coffee as a solo dessert beverage. Some folks think it has to be kalhua vs baileys–I say why not have both?! Unless you prefer the traditional Irish coffee baileys just by itself, then omit the kahlua.

Should Kahlua be refrigerated? ›

Should Kahlúa be refrigerated? No, but we recommend to store it in a cool dry place once opened. What percentage of alcohol is in Kahlúa Original?

What liquor goes with coffee and Kahlua? ›

Pour Baileys and Kahlua into Irish coffee glass. Fill glass with hot coffee. Top with whipped cream and serve.

What are the top 10 coffee drinks? ›

These are the 10 most popular coffee drink types that our customers love.
  1. Iced Coffee. Iced coffee is a reigning champ among coffee lovers.
  2. Americano. The humble Americano is simply espresso that is diluted by water. ...
  3. Cold Brew. ...
  4. Cappuccino. ...
  5. Black Coffee. ...
  6. Latte. ...
  7. Espresso. ...
  8. Mocha. ...
Jan 16, 2024

What is the most popular American coffee drink? ›

In our study, we found espresso to be the most popular coffee drink in the United States, taking top spot in 28 states. It's a great way to get a quick coffee kick without the long wait. Latte follows espresso and is most popular in 14 states. Cappuccino comes in third in the US, being preferred in 11 states.

What is the most common coffee drink? ›

Espresso. The most popular coffee drink in the entire world is espresso. Espresso originates from Italy and is produced by forcing small amounts of boiling water through finely ground coffee beans.

What is the most famous drink from Starbucks? ›

Latte is the most popular Starbucks drink, as approximated by 22.4% of customers. Approximately 14% of Starbucks customers prefer to purchase the Caramel Macchiato. The Mocha coffee drink is chosen by around 12.3% of Starbucks consumers. Hot Chocolate accounts for 11% of the drinks sold by Starbucks.


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